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40 Refreshing Indoor Office Garden Installation Ideas

40 Refreshing Indoor Office Garden Installation Ideas

Indoor office garden installation ideas are truly inspiring and refreshing so that you’d desperately love to have one in your office; either you work from home or outside. The fact is- everyone likes to work in fresh aroma without any tension and stress and that’s why it’s recommended to keep simple yet decent interior and

30 DIY Paper Weight Art Pieces

Paper weight is simply an object used to keep the loose papers together by putting pressure on them. Yes, that beautiful glass ball or object which you might have seen on desk in schools, hospitals and offices and including you if you have already. Now, you might be thinking of playing with it every time

How to Make Your Own Dream Catcher [DIY]

May your all dreams come true and if you want them to be true, you better got yourself a dream catcher!   Well, that’s what American Indians strongly believe in. Yes, the word itself ‘Dream catcher’ which catches you good dreams is called dreamcatcher. You might have seen it in many houses for decore purpose but