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40 Rustic Bamboo Interior Designs And Crafts

40 Rustic Bamboo Interior Designs And Crafts

Due to the ubiquity of bamboo, it is often seen incorporated into a modern interior. They instantly create a good vibe and sets a tone for the rest of the room. It is a modern and eco-friendly alternative used in the form of lovely decor, wall cladding, flooring, and window covering. Bamboo is undoubtedly the


40 (Easy to Cut) DIY Paper Glasses Craft Ideas

Whether it’s for a birthday party, Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July or if your kids are getting bored and you want to keep them entertained, all these DIY Paper Glasses Craft Ideas are an amazing craft to try.These DIY Paper Glasses Craft Ideas are an easy way to make your costume interesting and eye-catching. Paper Glasses Craft Ideas


10 Excellent Handmade iPhone Case Designs

The current generation is the generation of mobiles, more precisely smartphones.Smartphone owners know how much they love that gadget. While it comes to protecting them from getting damaged, the following means can prove to be helpful: • Buying an external warranty for your phone • Putting a tempered screen glass over the display • Putting

30 DIY Paper Weight Art Pieces

Paper weight is simply an object used to keep the loose papers together by putting pressure on them. Yes, that beautiful glass ball or object which you might have seen on desk in schools, hospitals and offices and including you if you have already. Now, you might be thinking of playing with it every time