12 Best WordPress Chat Plugins for Live Chat

Communication with your website clients is a very important thing to maintain. Live chat is used to illustrate, discuss, giving feedback, supports and share with the clients. So now, comes some queries about the procedure to do so. Actually WordPress being one of the best blogging platform in the world has made it much easier. Before enabling live chat feature in your website you should know about the plugins which are presently standing in the best position of the market. So here we came with a list of 15 best wordpress chat plugins that you can download. Also each of the plugins are provided with download links for your ease.

Best WordPress Chat Plugins for Live Chat:

1. Wpmudev : To add a live chat option this plugin is great. You can chat with your clients as well as the clients can chat with each other. IT serves great to increase your business and boost your website communications.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat1

2. Free Live Chat by Tidio Elements: It is totally free live chat plugin for your website. And it integrates with your website in just a minute. So no hassle for installing.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat2

3. WorPress 1-2-1 Live Chat Plugin: This plugin provides you with both online and offline chat. And also it is designed with a quick installation facility in your website. So all these features in just a one time fee.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat3

4. Rhino Live Support: Rhino Live Support is a great plugin for any variety of website. It has a lot of outstanding features like inviting clients for chat, unlimited departments and operators, style the chat and saving the conversations.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat4

5. Kruk Chat: Kruk Chat is one of the Simple plugin in WordPress and it also provides and additional option of chatting with your visitors from mobile app.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat5

6. WordPress Live Chat: It is one of the best plugin for live chat in wordpress. As it offers realtime chat with your visitors with lots of features. It is designed with a very clear and simple user interface.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat6

7. Formilla Live Chat: It’s a very simple and light weight chat plugin. You can use it for live chatting with your clients over a very simple process.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat7

8. Free Live Chat Software: This plugin just installs the helponclick live chat widget in your wordpress website. Your website visitors can chat with you any time they want.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat8

9. Quick Chat: It comes with many outstanding features like private chat, chat rooms, words filtering and smileys. It is a self hosted wordpress chat plugin. And at last it has a very simple looking interface.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat9

10. Live Chat- Casengo: Live chat from Casengo is a fantastic plugin for wordpress live chat. It is a customer support software. It comes with a quick installation interface.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat10

11. WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales And Support: It is a very straight forward application. You will not need any server modification for this plugin. And it even works on Internet Explorer.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat11

12. In Chat: This plugin is slightly different as it allows only your registered user to chat with you. It doesn’t require any third party plugins or configuration to be installed. So you can easily run it on any common php or mysql server.

12 Best WordPress chat plugins for live chat12

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