20 Best Free PSD Badges

Nowadays, ribbons have been used everywhere. The meaning and importance of ribbons changes according to their use. These ribbons are symbol or sign of honor for scouts. Ribbons are also used in gifts to make the making attractive. These ribbons are tied over the gifts in different ways to make them look special. But now let us go through the ribbons in web technology. These ribbons are the PSD ribbons which are used web designing. These ribbons are designed using tools like Photoshop or some other photo processing softwares. You can use these ribbons as buttons, menu bar etc. in the design of website. It decorates your website well and makes it look attractive and eye catching. These ribbons are generally found with extension- .png. These ribbons and badges are the main highlight of website and make it look wonderful graphically. The PSD badges are of high quality and look awesome on any background. You can also create them using ‘Designs and Colors’ option. Having the best free PSD badges is always great. They save your lot of effort and time in designing a project.

Best Free Psd Badges

The PSD designs are the need of web designers and are often more searched and downloaded. These badges can be easily placed over the banners, photos, business card, or brochures. These badges can easily be colored from white to any color. You can change the color of white badge to black or any other color using vector shapes in Photoshop. These badges are not made up of smart objects rather made up of vector shapes.

The vector shapes and the smart objects can be scaled to any size without losing the quality. In vector shapes you can easily change the shape by changing and manipulating the vector points inside the shapes. On a contrary to vector shapes, in smart shapes you cannot follow this mechanism. This is the main reason why we generally use vector shape in PSD badges rather than smart objects or shapes.

Some of the best ideas of Using PSD Badges

  • You can use PSD badges as the logo of your organization, company or website.
  • It can also be used a banner design
  • It can also be used for wrapping logo design
  • It can easily be placed as the watermark in photos

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