30 Best Free High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

There are a lot of photo editing tools and software’s are available, out of which Photoshop is one of the best photo editing tools these days. There are a numerous of features in this tool which makes this photo editing tool totally different and advanced from other photo editing tools. This photo editing tool is widely used all over the world by professional photographers, logo designers and web designers. If you are a beginner, then it is very much essential for you to see the tutorials about the function of this photo editing tool before use. You can get these tutorials on the internet as there are so many sites which provide the best free high quality Photoshop tutorials. These high quality Photoshop tutorials help you to become a Master of photography within a few weeks.

Best Free High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

Types of High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop tutorials are of different types. Photoshop technique is not so simple that anyone can use this photo editing tool without seeing Photoshop tutorials. But we assure you that after watching high quality Photoshop tutorials, one can easily edit their photos and gives them a unique and awesome look. Some of the main types of high quality Photoshop tutorials are as follows: –

Basic and Easy Photoshop Tutorials

There are so many topics covered in this type of Photoshop tutorials like adding a simple photo effect, basic resizing of photo, optimizing colors, retouching techniques and changing the contrast of any photo.


  • These Photoshop tutorials are very much beneficial for beginners.
  • Anyone can easily grasp these Photoshop tutorials as they are very much simple and easy to learn.

Silhouettes and Gradients

Photoshop Tutorials 1

Dramatic Wrinkles

Photoshop Tutorials 2

Text In Stitches

Photoshop Tutorials 3

Design a Glossy Download Icon

Photoshop Tutorials 4

Create a Wavy Blackberry Style Wallpaper Design

Photoshop Tutorials 5

Intermediate Photoshop Tutorials

These tutorials are a little more advanced Photoshop tutorials as compared to basic and easy Photoshop tutorials. These tutorials are also a little bit complicated too. These tutorials help you to understand the features of some powerful tools available in Photoshop.


  • These intermediate techniques help you to create unique, bold, awesome and cool photo effects.
  • It helps in giving a professional and corporate look to your photographs.
  • Color corrections, adjusting pixels, lens correction and how to use brushes comes under this category.

Vintage Analogue

Photoshop Tutorials 6

Smoke Type in Photoshop in 10 Easy Steps

Photoshop Tutorials 7

Setting a Mood

Photoshop Tutorials 8

Wicked Worn Vintage Poster

Photoshop Tutorials 9

Faking miniature photographs with photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials 10

Advanced Photoshop Tutorials

These are the high level Photoshop tutorials. These Photoshop tutorials help you to understand the more complex tools available in Photoshop. These tutorials also requires a good knowledge of photography which means that only skilled photographers and designers can get the maximum benefits from these types of high quality Photoshop tutorials.


  • These tutorials provide step by step instructions which guide you on how to create amazing and cool photo effects.
  • One can also create HDR style images by using different layers.
  • You can merge different images into a single image with the help of advanced HDR merging tool.

Create the Glass Shelf Dock from Leopard OS in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials 11

Create a Lightning and Nebula Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Tutorials 12

Create a Lomo Effect in 3 Simple Steps

Photoshop Tutorials 13

Pure White Portrait Retouch

Photoshop Tutorials 14

Master lighting effects

Photoshop Tutorials 15

Advantages of High Quality Photoshop Tutorials

There is a great collection of high quality Photoshop tutorials on different websites. Here we are describing the advantages of these high quality Photoshop tutorials.

  • With the help of these high quality Photoshop tutorials, one can easily learn the use of this photo editing tool.
  • If anyone wants to make their career in photography or in other designing field, then these high quality Photoshop tutorials will surely help them to fulfil their dreams.
  • No need to join different kinds of Photoshop coaching classes or institutes.
  • These high quality Photoshop tutorials are both time and money saving as one can watch these tutorials at their home and these are also available at free of cost.
  • You can create various stunning, bold, unique and high quality images with ease after watching these high quality Photoshop tutorials.

Apply Authentic-looking Vintage Effects to Photos

Photoshop Tutorials 16

Urban Ink Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials 17

How to Create an Easy Dispersion Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials 18

Design Vintage Artwork with Old Newspaper and Watercolor Brush

Photoshop Tutorials 19

The Creation of “The Storm is Approaching” Artwork

Photoshop Tutorials 20

How To Give Your Photos a Cool Retro Analog Effect

Photoshop Tutorials 21

Learn How to Recreate The Instagram Nashville Effect

Photoshop Tutorials 22

Non-Destructive Lens Flare Effect In Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials 23

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Tutorials 24

3D typographic effects in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorials 25

Design a Fabulous Science Fiction Movie Poster

Photoshop Tutorials 26

Create a Nice Poster Effect for an Image

Photoshop Tutorials 27

Create a Fabulous Word Art

Photoshop Tutorials 28

Create a Sophisticated Art Text

Photoshop Tutorials 29

Dramatic Meteorite Collision to High Building

Photoshop Tutorials 30

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