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10 Awesome .htaccess Hacks for WordPress

10 Awesome .htaccess Hacks for WordPress

For the wordpress users .htaccess is a very useful weapon as it helps in developing many outstanding features very easily. Though it needs a sense of .htaccess coding but still the beginners can use some basic codes in their websites. But no need to say that it needs a basic sense of coding. Actually .htaccess

60 Good Quotes from Books to Read

Books are always the greatest source of inspiration to us. If you are book worm obviously you know that the writers have showed us the right path of life by giving inspirational message from time to time. There are many classic creators who made beautiful quotes from their life experiences. And as a result we

60 Cool Status for WhatsApp

Whatsapp has now become a popular social networking platform around the world. The most beautiful side of this platform is the communication with your buddies from anywhere in the world. In fact, it doesn’t have any barrier throughout the whole process. Not only it serves as a communication medium but also it is a great